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detox and renew

Spring has sprung and you hair and scalp are ready!  Ready to say bu.bye to winter and to be nourished and supported into summer.  Let me help!!

Spring is here! At least, I think spring is here. You never know here in Colorado, but I’m going to just say it. Spring is here!!! Out with the old, in with the new!! Right now I’m feeling like I have snake skin and scalp and dry, brittle, dull hair. Yuck! Winter has most definitely taken it’s toll. So, what to do about it? Slough it off, detox it out, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

And......I have just the treatment for you!! First lets detox! Let’s wrap your hair with detoxifying mud containing phytoceuticals extracted from essence of artichoke, clay and eucalptus essential oil while applying warm heat to really pull out the toxins. Then let’s give your scalp a good scrub with essence of artichoke, cardamom, coriander, mint and silica particles that act as an exfoliator. The finale is regenerating your scalp with amino acids and bringing your ph back to neutral. Then let’s nourish your hair with phytoceuticals extracted from grapes, rice, acai, and passionflower oils, jojoba oils, and almond butter. Or if your hair needs extra TLC from damage, we can nourish it with phytocueticals extracted from grapes, keratin, omega-9, tangerine, petit grain, and ylang ylang essential oils. Let’s not forget about your scalp!! Let’s finish by nourishing, soothing, and calming your scalp with royal jelly. Sounds yummy right??!!!

Oh did I forget to mention that then we are going to give you a fantastic blow out! Your gonna feel like a million bucks, your hair is going to be shiny and bouncy, and are going to be ready to take on summer by the horns. I hope to see you in my studio soon!!! And so does your hair! ;)

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