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a legend lives on

alexander mcqueen 2011 spring/summer collection  fashion has so much more to do with life than you think

I was wondering what was going to happen to Alexander McQueen’s fashion house. I think we were all shocked and sad by his suicide last year, at least I know I was. I heard a statistic that more people die of suicide than cancer. WOW! I know that suicide has recently affected my life. My uncle and godfather commited suicide this past thanksgiving. Needless to say I was sad , but mostly I felt like I should have seen some sort of sign and been able to reach out and say or do the right thing to prevent him from feeling like life wasn’t worth living. But the reality is that life is hard and heartbreaking and it had taken it’s tole on him. His wife, my aunt, the love of his life, has either been having mini-strokes or some sort of dementia, either way, she was, and still is, fading fast. I’m sure that his idea of retirement and living his “golden years” with his wife looked much different that it turned out to be. Now I’ve dealt with my fair share of death, but watching someone disappear right in front of your eyes is heartbreaking. All of the memories you share are just yours alone now. I know I miss her and feel at a loss of what to do or how to handle it or how to help her or myself, I can only imagine how he must of felt. I know he did his best and took the best care of her he knew how. She has since had a massive stroke and it feels like the end is coming near for her, and in a way it seems like he knew it was going to get worse, much worse, and couldn’t bear to see it. I miss him. I also miss her, even though she’s still “here”. Love the people in your life. Tell them! Anyway, here is Alexanders legacy living on. I think I can feel it in here.

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