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is it the past..

or the future?  

who’s left...

and what do they want?



Welcome to my first fashion video.  I have been doing fashion shows, shoots, styling, sewing, ect. for a while now and my love for film has brought me into the world of fashion videos.  The inspiration for this started for my love of the movie Bladerunner. I love how that movie is about our potential future with our love of technology with the age old search for your maker, sometimes aka god.  Also, how in this future some things are way advanced but some are behind, or broken down.  But, value on real is more important then ever.  I decided to mix soft textures with hard, new with old, big with small, and as always repurposing what I can.  Sewing sweaters for summer weather, and making sweater pants, out of classic warm and cozy sweaters.  Transitioning from one season to the next.  Using fencing and screen for skirts and corsets.  In honor of spring and the love of a screened in porch and fixing the yard up for summer.  The hair has classic shapes taken on new form with alien like proportions.  The make-up inspired by Pris of Bladerunner of course!  Both a little rough and a little hand done and homemade as if they had done it themselves, indicating self-reliance.  I also love to learn new things, so editing and filming were new to me this time.  I hope you enjoy and share with your friends!!!  Keep a look out, I’ve found a new love!

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