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      I am a Hairstylist by profession and I love it. I feel blessed to have found it and have been doing it for almost 30 years. 30 years! WOW! When I started I thought I would do this gig until I got bored and I haven't yet. What a surprise to find that just like life my career has been ever changing and always a teacher. It has not only held my interest, but, has had me on the edge of my seat sometimes. Styles are constantly changing and it is exciting to learn new things and push my limits. Not only as a stylist, but, as a person as well.  It has helped me grow as a person and an artist.  Also, I love talking with people and feel like I have learned so much from my clients and feel they have helped me follow my path.  It has been the unexpected bonus.  My clients are my friends, my mentors, and my family.

     Throughout my career I have gotten my hands in many different color lines; including Davines, Framesi, Aveda, Schwartzkoph, Wella, Logics, Redken, Goldwell, Ellumen and a few random punky colors.  I have also trained with Davines, Deva Curl, MOP, Aveda, Rusk, and Vidal Sasson for cutting.  Also used Davines, Deva Curl, Onesta, Unite, Kevin Murphy, MOP, American Crew, Pureology, Aveda, and Rusk haircare among others.  Clean products that have an understanding of sustainablity, yet are completely functional are a must.  I have found that over the years I have developed a unique style that blends all of the above and more. I love blending cuts and colors to showcase both together.  Styling in ways that are soft and sensual, yet modern and edgy, are things that intrigue me.  How to work the hair so that the cut supports the style and working with the natural hair fabric to enhance ease of styling and grow-out. 

      I also enjoy working with more avant-garde styles. Thinking of an idea and then stying and coloring hair, doing the make-up,  styling the wardrobe, and shooting the photos have been a way to see it come into complete fruition.  Creating hair and fashion shows has also been a great arena to showcase these looks, or ideas, and  to flex this creative muscle, which I don’t get to do behind the chair. This has led into making hats and costumes.  Check them out in my photo gallery. I enjoy using recycled materials. The idea of taking an object with it’s own history, revamping it and giving it new life to go on and make more history, is inspiring. The rebirth of domestic arts in a modern, yet ground breaking way makes me feel connected to the past and hopeful for the future all at the same time.  Peaceful.  In the same strain, I also enjoy outsider artphotographyknittingspinning, baking, sewing, and am now inspired to start quilting.  I also love to travel.  It’s inspiring and allows you to really live in the moment.  Although, that has really changed since having children. ;) 

           So, keep an eye out for what I’m up to and I will try not to disappoint ;)

                                                        Looking forward to seeing you soon....... May your day be filled with happiness.

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