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Menagerie is Urban Pearls first fashion show in which not only did we style the hair and makeup, but designed and sewed the clothing.  A huge undertaking and it couldn’t have turned out better.  Our inspiration first started around victorian fashion and turning bridesmaid and prom dresses into something more avaunt guard.  Pure Eco-Fashion.  Then onto being inspired by animals, so each dress had an animal theme.  The theme of each animal was not taken literally.  We thought about what each animal inspired in us.  Whether it be horse and an image of a rancher with his cattle and a  sunset as a top, or the mohawk inspired from the mane.  The performance of it was something we wanted to let people experience as a form of ritual and a blend of victorian and animal as well.  It was also a fundraiser for Greenwood Wildlife Center and we had great fun not only giving back to our community, but to our furry friends.  These photos are by Merredyth Messer and Kristie Sardowski.

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