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the easiest thing

what could be the easiest and least time consuming thing you could do to make your hair look the best??

Over the years I have gotten many questions about how to make people’s hair look better. What kind of blowdryer, curling iron, flat iron, brushes, and combs do I use? To air dry? To blow dry? A combo? I’ve been giving great cuts and then tweaking them for you to look great without doing much styling. I’ve been delivering great color for fullness and to cover grey to control texture. But I’m gonna tell you the easiest way to get your hair to look good. Every day! Good, quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. It is hands down the easiest most carefree way to get good looking, healthy hair with the least amount of work. It’s what you do every day (well almost) anyway. May as well have it work in your favor. Right??!!!

What is good shampoo, conditioner, and styling products? Well, basically I have spent hours and hours. No. Years. Researching products. I pretty much know everything on the market. I’ve either used them and loved them or didn’t love them and moved on. Or they weren’t up to my standards on either the ingredient level or due to performance. There is a reason I carry and use and sell the products I do. I use Davines. Why? They deliver. They are clean and not polluting you or the environment. I do believe in professional shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. They have superior ingredients in them and they have been tested by MANY stylist to make sure it not only does what it says it’s going to do but is going to make your hair look awesome.

I look at it like this, you spend valuable money getting your hair professionally cut and colored. Trust your hairstylist to give you their input on what they think you should be using. We know what has happened to chemically alter your hair and what shampoo and conditioner would be best to support it so it is healthy. We know your natural hair texture and thickness and what would be best to enhance what your looking to show off about your hair. We know how we cut your hair and what styling products would make it easiest for you to style it. We know!!! And buy them from us! Part of us making a living doing what we love and doing to you what you love, is us being able to make a living off of it instead of the big box store or amazon or some other salon. Let us help you and in turn help us by everybody loving your hair and wanting to know who did it and what you are using on it. What do you say? It’s a win win!!

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