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wandering vagabond-irrelevant relevance

Galliano’s fall/winter 2011 collection is called wandering vagabond. It’s inspired by the homeless. First thought-Zoolander. Really? It seems like a parody. It’s all the reasons why fashion gets made fun of and is not taken seriously. Why don’t we just get a bunch of bums and parade them on stage. With the thoughts of homeless being in poverty, not to mention madness, paralleled to wealth that is experienced in the fashion world-Really? This very expensive venue, cost of the show/organizing?models/djs, fabrics, all of the rich clamoring for front row seats, labor for seamstresses, and all the people who work behind the scenes-WOW! Couldn’t we just make a video of the homeless and show it and then sell clothes from your local thrift store and then donate all the monies that were going to be spent on the show to help the homeless. Now wait a minute!!! Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE me some fashion. So I started thinking of it as an artist and believe me, I know inspiration comes from the weirdest places. So, I gave it another look. *watch video now* Hhmm.... His interpretations are beautiful, fun, and whimsical. I’ll definitely give him that. Kinda like Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean meets Russian Boxer shipyard worker-kinda hot! I do like the silver make-up on the face and chest. And the white powder that they throw with gusto, FUN!!!! Well, maybe if we all started actually LOOKING at the homeless, or other things that make us uncomfortable, we could see beauty in the unsightly, ugly, or even horrific. Maybe all those attending the show will stop and look at the people, yes people, that they are stepping over when they are on their way into their high rise apartment or to whatever designer house they are going to shop at and at least they will be on their radar. Even if it is just to check out their one of a kind outfits. And I still think he should donate some monies to a homeless organization. And that that was fake fur!

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