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a little piece of the past

I just love this collection. I love the layers and the colors and the patterns and the texture. Oh, and the show and the hair and the make-up, well I could just go on and on! Then I found out it was inspired by their childhood and growing up in california. Well, no wonder! Not only did it look like images of their childhood, it looked like mine too. No I didn’t grow up in california, but I did grow up in the 70’s and under the sunny skies of colorado.

The colors really reminded me of the sun and woods and the country and gave me the fuzzy feeling that I get when I’m surrounded by those things. The gold, the browns, the blues-YUMM!! The patterns reminded me of tribal and china and wood . Those things that make you feel special, like your in on a secret. The textures of leather, silk, wool, and all in between, have you experiencing strength, femininity, safety, freedom and all the moods that come along with them. The way the girls were walking around during the show. Just when you think you figured out the pattern, they changed it up. Keeps you interested and makes for a moment, an experience, not just a show. The girls hair reminded of me of little girls. The way it was brushed over with the deep side part and coming down on the forehead a little bit. It was slightly brushed, slightly bed-head, but just enough to get by mom. Soft and touchable. The ends being slightly lighter, like a girl who has played in sun all summer. Carefree and wild. All brought together with the bronzy simple make-up. Beautiful!

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